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The turquoise blue Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas in the world and the treasures held in its depths are varied and rich. Squeezed between the shores of Italy and Croatia the Adriatic Sea is compact but includes some of the best diving sites in the world.


Learn to dive with us, we offer CMAS diving courses .

The diving course is conducted in line with the Rules of the International Diving Associations


Price List

For certified divers

Other services

Diving (full 12 lit. tank, weights)

40 €

Discovery course

70 €

Equipment (reg. bcd. neopren, abc)

25 €

Your first dive ever

Diving licences
(all materials and equipment included)

CMAS one star

375 €

CMAS two star

375 €

CMAS three star

450 €

(on demand)

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